Customing your interview

Customizing an interview that was created with the Weaver#

  1. You can safely:
    • reword titles/text in the question blocks and the attachment docx files. You can simply copy the text from the screens or docx files, then search it in the YAML file or docx files to make changes.
    • reorder questions, remove/add variables on the Review screen, etc.
    • change the "interview order code block" block.
  2. Generally you want to avoid:
    • changing code in the "main order" block.
    • changing variable names that were generated by the Weaver. However, you can add new variables then use your own code to handle them, and remember to use "depends on" if the new variable is associated with any variable on the Review screen.
    • changing the "include" block unless you know what you are doing.
    • deleting generated code until you are certain. Comment it out first and test to ensure it doesn't break the interview.
  3. If you want to discard your changes and start anew, simply reload the package, it will wipe out all your changes.