The Document Assembly Line

The Document Assembly Line project has produced a set of open-source tools and processes to help groups quickly and effectively create mobile-friendly online court forms and pro se materials. The documentation provided here aims to help groups adapt this work and create local versions of the assembly line.

Though we have focused on producing Massachusetts content at, we have built our tools with replicability in mind. Our novel code is released under an MIT License, and we have intentionally built on the open source docassemble platform.

This documentation is under construction, but we are currently running a Document Assembly Line bootcamp to help those interested in replicating this work.

The video below provides an overview of the project (0-10 min) and a detailed look at one of the forms (12-30 min). Note: This video is a lecture from the course Coding the Law. So please disregard comments about "prior classes" and pending homework assignments at the end.

Get involved#

We operate out of Suffolk Law's Legal Innovation and Technology Lab in cooperation with the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission and are staffed almost entirely by volunteers and students. We have optional standup meetings twice a week and online trainings every Tuesday, all of which are recorded. See prior meetings. Most of the group's work takes place on MS Teams. If you are interested in joining the team, email "mass access at suffolk dot edu," and we will send you an invite.

You can also email that address if you're interested in joining our Document Assembly Line bootcamp. The Bootcamp should give you a good feel for what the work entails and is where we suggest you start to learn more.

Our Repositories#