Why test?

Forms of testing

Manual testing

Using scenarios

Kevin Mulcahy of Neota Logic has advocated the strategy of creating scenarios. This can help both with planning and with testing a built application.

Testing checklists

Angela Tripp at Michigan Legal Help says that her program makes extensive use of checklists to help with ensuring quality legal applications.

Automating testing with Aloe and Selenium

Test driven development

When is testing complete?

No software has finished testing before it is in the hand of real-world users. Your users will find bugs that the most carefully planned testing will miss. You need a plan to gather feedback from your app once it is released in order to catch these late bugs.

Further reading

Contributors and acknowledgments

Grateful acknowledgment to Marc Lauritsen, Angela Tripp (Michigan Legal Help), Kevin Mulcahy (Neota Logic), Jonathan Pyle