The Markdown formatting language

The Markdown formatting language

Like YAML, Markdown is meant to be a concise, human readable way to represent information: in this case, it represents elements such as font size, headers, bold, italic, formatted lists, and even links to resources on the WWW. Many forums, including the popular Reddit, allow you to format your comments using Markdown. However, it is not quite as expressive as an OOXML, Word, or RTF file would be.

#### Heading level 4
**Bold text**
_italic text__
1. Numbered item 1
1. Numbered item 2
1. Numbered item 3

Turns into:

Heading level 4

Bold text

italic text

  1. Numbered item 1
  2. Numbered item 2
  3. Numbered item 3

Including variable text

In order to add variable text, Docassemble uses the Mako templating language which can be inserted directly almost anywhere Docassemble expects text, such as under a question, subquestion, content or template block.

The Docassemble documentation covers Markdown fairly well, with examples.

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