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Fall 2021, Legal Technology for Small Firm Practice

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About the Instructor

Quinten Steenhuis,

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Meeting time: 2 PM - 3:50 PM, Mondays, Fall 2021, Sargent Hall Room 305

The practice of law is increasingly built around digital tools. Lawyers who understand technology have an advantage in the marketplace, both to reduce their operating costs and to help more people. Lawyers today use technology to:

  • Run the business side of the law firm, including
    • Tracking client information
    • Reaching new clients
  • Help make decisions
  • Reduce repetitive tasks through automation and templates
  • Deliver legal services directly to litigants

This class will provide you a survey of the world of legal technology, with special attention to tools that are free or low cost and useful to owners and practitioners in small firms.

Grading is based on two independent learning modules, a critique, and a final project which will make up the majority of your grade. You will use one of the technologies that we learned in class for your final project. Students will also complete weekly short reflections on the nightly reading.

Class Materials