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Build Simple Expert Systems ("Chatbots")

Estimated Time (Reading & Exercises): ~50 min.

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Read, A, Q, GOTO, and X

Test Your Understanding

Work the problems below, and save your source code and html output. To save your source code... If the Save button doesn't work, you can cut and paste the text from the QnA editor into a text editor and save the file with the extension .txt or .qna. Alterntivly, you can change to using the Chrome browser. In the future if you want to come back to this QnA you can use the Load link to open it. ProTip: You can set your browser to prompt before saving so that you can specify where to place a file and what to call it.

Problem One: A Single Question

do... Run the following tests:

Problem Two: Multiple Questions

do... Run the following tests:

Problem Three: Branching and Joining

do... Note the QR Code links here. Run the following tests:

Problem Four: What is in a name?

do... Run the following tests:

Yes, this was covered in the video. How good is your memory? Now that, let's see how to make useful QnA interviews...