We invite experts for Q&A workshops with the Document Assembly Line community on the first Wednesday of every month. This workshop’s topic is Docassemble server administration and maintenance, and the LIT Lab’s co-director, Quinten Steenhuis, is the expert.

Questions Answered

Should I be paying attention to pip log messages like this one or can I ignore them? How do I know what to look at when the pip log is so long?

Email notifications from the server are often cryptic and it’s hard to know which server logs or user variables to look at, especially if the user was anonymous. What are the best/most likely logs and sources to look at, and what should we be looking for?

What should we do about CPU usage alerts?

Every time Docker restarts after upgrading it resets accounts in the server so we get locked out. How can we avoid this?

What are the best practices for updating Docassemble, Document Assembly Line packages, interviews, and Docker? Can you suggest a cadence for approaching updates?

What are the pros and cons of S3 versioning v. daily backups? Are they ever used as part of recovery efforts?

Is it worth backing up the S3 Docassemble database, redis.rdb, and config.yml on another server/platform/AWS region?