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Be considerate to your user

Respect your user

This overlaps with the suggestions under Respect and persuade your reader.

Provide choices that validate the user's identity

Wherever possible, even if not directly provided on the form, provide space for the user to be descriptive about their identity.

For example:

  • use inclusive options for gender, race, and disability status
  • be cautious in using the "other" category to describe sensitive personal characteristics

Learn more from the UK's NHS

Be thoughtful about when you ask for personal information

Your user may hesitate to provide personal information, such as address or birthdate, before they have become comfortable with the substantive questions in your interview. Consider asking for identifying information at the end.

But: it is OK to ask for the names of the user and the opposing early if it will allow you to ask more personalized questions. Consider saving the rest of the user's details for the end even in that circumstance.

Do not ask for personal information if you do not need it.