ALAddressList Objects#

class ALAddressList(DAList)

Store a list of Address objects

ALPeopleList Objects#

class ALPeopleList(DAList)

Used to represent a list of people. E.g., defendants, plaintiffs, children


| names_and_addresses_on_one_line(comma_string: str = '; ') -> str

Returns the name of each person followed by their address, separated by a semicolon

ALIndividual Objects#

class ALIndividual(Individual)

Used to represent an Individual on the assembly line project. Two custom attributes are objects and so we need to initialize: previous_addresses and other_addresses


| contact_methods() -> str

Method to return a formatted string with all provided contact methods of the individual:

  • Phone number(s)
  • Email
  • other method


  • str - Formatted string


| merge_letters(new_letters: str)

If the Individual has a child_letters attribute, add the new letters to the existing list


| name_fields(person_or_business: str = 'person') -> List[Dict[str, str]]

Return suitable field prompts for a name. If uses_parts is None, adds the proper "show ifs" and uses both the parts and the single entry


| address_fields(country_code: str = "US", default_state: str = None, show_country: bool = False) -> List[Dict[str, str]]

Return field prompts for address.


| gender_fields(show_help=False)

Return a standard gender input with "self described" option.


| contact_fields()

Return field prompts for other contact info


section_links(nav: DANav) -> List[str]

Returns a list of clickable navigation links without animation.


will_send_to_real_court() -> bool

Dev or root needs to be in the URL root: can change in the config file


filter_letters(letter_strings: Union[List[str], str]) -> str

Used to take a list of letters like ["A","ABC","AB"] and filter out any duplicate letters.


fa_icon(icon: str, color: str = "primary", color_css: str = None, size: str = "sm")

Return HTML for a font-awesome icon of the specified size and color. You can reference a CSS variable (such as Bootstrap theme color) or a true CSS color reference, such as 'blue' or '#DDDDDD'. Defaults to Bootstrap theme color "primary".


is_phone_or_email(text: str) -> bool

Returns True if the string is either a valid phone number or a valid email address. Email validation is extremely minimal--just checks for an @ sign between two non-zero length strings.


github_modified_date(github_user: str, github_repo_name: str) -> Union[DADateTime, None]

Returns the date that the given GitHub repository was modified or None if API call fails.

Will check for the presence of credentials in the configuration labeled "github readonly" in this format:

github readonly: username: YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME password: YOUR_GITHUB_PRIVATE_TOKEN type: basic

If no valid auth information is in the configuration, it will fall back to anonymous authentication. The GitHub API is rate-limited to 60 anonymous API queries/hour.