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Feature documentation: using Assembly Line modules in your interview

The Assembly Line code is organized into a few different packages and modules:

  1. ALToolbox, which has small utility functions and components that are used in AssemblyLine but that can be easily used by Docassemble developers who use other platforms.
  2. ALDashboard, which is a collection of tools to help administer a Docassemble server and debug interviews.
  3., which contains Python classes that help developers represent people in Docassemble.
  4., which helps simplify the use of complex nested and contingent templates in Docassemble, including handling PDF overflow text.
  5., which has some small helper functions to make it simpler to author multilingual interviews
  6. MACourts and, which help model court, venue, and jurisdiction information in Docassemble for Massachusetts and as a possible starting point in other jurisdictions.