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AssemblyLine Project Architecture

This page provides a bird's-eye view of how various repositories of the Document AssemblyLine Project work together. This information is intended for those who want to take full advantage of the Project for their interviews, and for those who potentially want to adopt our Project for their own state or country.

Below is a snapshot of the Project's overall architecture as of June 2022. We will periodically update this page, as the Project is still under active development to add new functionality and enhance the performance.

Overall architecture

AL Project architecture graph

  1. ALWeaver

  2. AssemblyLine

  3. ALMassachusetts

  4. MassAccess

  5. ALToolbox

  6. ALKiln

  7. ALDashboard

  8. AssemblyLine- documentation

  9. ALRecipes

  10. eFiling - EFSP Integration

  11. eFiling - EFileProxyServer

  12. InterviewStats

  1. ALWeaver
  2. AssemblyLine
  3. ALToolbox
  4. ALKiln
  5. ALRecipes
  6. eFiling