Skills Training & Hackathon

More Info. Coming Soon! Prior to the conference on April 6-7, there will be a free skills training weekend and hackathon open to anyone. If you're not interested in the hackathon, consider dropping in for the skills building sessions.

Join the Tubman Project to learn new skills and help create open source tools for public defenders. We're looking for developers and attorneys since legal considerations will be just as important as technical ones. More to the point, they'll often be intertwined. For example, is there a possibility that communications across your app's encrypted channel may be subject to discovery?

What is a hackathon anyway? Joshua Tauberer puts it this way, and we tend to agree:

  • Hacking is creative problem solving. (It does not have to involve technology.)
  • A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems. Most hackathons I’ve run also have a parallel track for workshops.
  • Participants typically form groups of about 2-5 individuals, take out their laptops (if the event is technology themed), and dive into problems. Training workshops are a great parallel track especially for newcomers but also for all participants.
    -How to Run a Successful Hackathon

    Is there a cash prize? Yes. Details coming soon.

    What is the Tubman Project? The short answer, a collection of civic minded technologist working to help improve the crminal justice system. For a longer answer, check out this post by Tubman Project director Darrell Malone describing his work with Tubman and the last hackathon we hosted together back in November—The Tubman Project.

    How do I sign up? If you are attending LITCon2019, you can check the appropriate boxes as part of the online registration. Otherwise, you can register over on Meetup or Devpost.


    Saturday, April 6th

    12:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Lunch, Introduction, & Structured Skills Building Sessions

    Skills building sessions will include trainings on three open source tools for creating guided interviews and auto-generating documents--A2J Author, Docassemble, and QnA Markup. The hackathon portion of the weekend is in partnership with the Tubman Project and will focus on creating tools for public defenders and their clients.

    David Colarusso
    Quinten Steenhuis
    Jonathan Pyle
    Tobias Nteireho
    Jessica Frank
    Darrell Malone
    2:30 PM - 9:00 PM

    Hang out and try your hand at building something with your new skills and/or join a team and build something for the hackathon proper. Darrell and David will be on site to answer your questions.

    David Colarusso
    Darrell Malone

    Sunday, April 7th

    9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Continue working on your project or just hang out and enjoy the vibe. Again, Darrell and David will be on site to answer your questions.

    David Colarusso
    Darrell Malone

    Monday, April 8th

    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Reception, Project Demos, Judging, & Awards

    Demo your projects for the judges and attendees of LITCon2019 while enjoying a drink and some horderves in the Blue Sky Lounge at 120 Tremont St.

    Pending Announcement
    Pending Announcement
    Adrian Angus
    Dyane O'Leary
    Darrel Malone