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Examples of Legal Technology

Some examples of legal tech#

This is not an attempt to create a list of all of the legal technology in the world. Think of this as a curated walkthrough of some popular legal technology tools.

The OGs#

Innovative legal research alternatives to "Wexis"#

Innovative tools that help lawyers#

Contract management#

Innovative Legal Practice Management tools#

  • Clio
  • Salesforce is the best-known web-based tool for managing customer contacts, although not legal-focused

Best of breed client-facing applications#

Platforms to know for document assembly#

  • HotDocs remains popular with a big installed base, although long in the tooth
  • Docassemble, a powerful open source alternative built on Python with strong customizability and expert system capabilities
    • Documate, a frontend for Docassemble that exposes most of its power
    • Afterpattern, a frontend for Docassemble with a free tier + marketplace
  •, a popular non-commercial frontend to HotDocs which also includes limited document assembly capabilities that don't rely on HotDocs
  • Neota Logic, a powerful and popular system for building expert systems


  • is a tool for rapidly building interactive flowcharts, with some advanced add-ins to support form filling as well

Working with large datasets / E-discovery#

Projects involving the author#

I think these are good examples, but I can't be objective!

Further readings#

Author: Quinten Steenhuis, updated August 2020.