LIT Bits

LIT Bits are rapid-fire talks focusing on legal innovation and technology where the speaker is given only 5 min and 20 slides (set to advance automatically every 15 seconds). You can APPLY TO PRESENT A LIT BIT HERE (SUBMISSION DEADLINE 2/29/24) (limited funds are available to defer costs for diverse speakers). Below you will find a selection of prior LIT Bits to give you a sense of what to expect.

After the conference closes, we'll post 2024's LIT Bits along with the rest of the conference here: LITCon 2024. FWIW, here's some advice on giving a great rapid-fire talk.

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LITCon 2023 Rapid-Fire Talks

Talks from: Casey Chiappetta (1:50); Brittany Hill (08:09); Thomas Innis (14:28); Diego Alcala Laboy (20:13); Darrell Malone Jr. (27:57); Nicole Siino (34:08); and Becky Slogeris (39:36).

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